Ecological, pneumatic propulsion systems in the ultralight aviation

B-4 Association has already started implementation of the project “Ecological, pneumatic propulsion systems in the ultralight aviation” for Subcarpathian Aviation Cluster under Measure 5.1 Support for the development of supra-regional cooperative relations Priority Axis 5 Diffusion of Innovation of the Operational Progamme Innovative Economy (2007-2013).

The main objective of the project is to support  the development and competitiveness of the enterprises acting together as a cluster in the aviation industry through:

  • purchase of R&D and industrial infrastructure along with the necessary machinery plant,
  • construction of a hall for the R&D and industrial purposes,
  • strengthening the connections between the  enterprises and science.

The project: "Ecological, pneumatic propulsion systems in the ultralight aviation”

Funding obtained: 9 911 600.00 zł

Implementation period: 01.01.2011–30.06.2013

Implementation of the project involves purchase of R&D and industrial infrastructure along with the necessary machinery and the construction of a hall for the R&D and industrial purposes The estimated area of the hall shall amount to around 1500 m2 including office space and social facilities. All the mentioned facilities will be used for activities related to R&D and for manufacturing of all the necessary components.

Thanks to the investment the launch of 6 innovative products aimed at the ultralight aviation industry will become possible. Each of the product will be characterized by a high level of innovation in the global scale, will be unique in the domestic and global markets, and the production of the products will be closely linked with one another technically and technologically. A high volume of the production will go for export and the offered products will be environmentally friendly.

Production of environmentally friendly products will significantly reduce the negative impact of aviation on environment as it will allow a sailplane to take off on its own without a towing aircraft, or a self-combustion engine. In the course of the project implementation no harmful chemicals that may have a negative impact on the environment will be used.

Production development and its start-up.


Within the project Ecological, pneumatic propulsion systems in the ultralight aviation” a development and  production of the following devices are intended:

Pneumatic engines with the initial name pneo

The engines are designed for ultralight aviation and mainly for  sailplanes (one- and two-seaters). The engines will be characterized by their  completely ecological  performance, a quiet operation, a lightweight and compact design,  modern and computer-controlled solutions of the control system and power supply, durability, reliability, and more than that, a relatively low price.

An aiport vehicle for transportation and refuelling of sailplanes

The airport vehicle will be powered by a ultralight engine that will be powered by compressed air. The vehicle will have a simple and laminate structure. The vehicle’s carrying capacity is expected to be of about 300 kg and it will be powered by  a modified pneumatic engine. The vehicle is designed for internal use only in closed areas of airports; no registration required.

Ecological power systems Pneo

According to our plan, the main aim of the systems will be to produce fuel for compressed-air engines. The whole fuel manufacturing process will be performed in an eco-manner using renewable energy sources, that is the wind and the sun. The devices will be located at the airports and will exploit the space that is hardly used, for example roofs.


The sailplane will be produced in a shell technology out of the latest materials (layered carbon materials), with optimized aerodynamics and according to the latest design solutions that are being used in this field nowadays. The sailplane will be produced in two versions: as a one-and two-seater, the latter one will be used for pilot trainings. It is going to be the world’s first sailplane with a pneumatic propulsion equipped with a hybrid power system. The most recent technical and technological solutions will be applied in this sailplane To sum up, it is going to be the most modern sailplane in the world.

PNEO charging system during the flight

It will be a photovoltaic system for recharging (with air) the pneumatic systems of sailplanes equipped with a cooling system of the photovoltaic batteries and a reheating system of the engines powered with compresses air. The innovative part of the system is that electricity will not be accumulated in electrochemical batteries, but in a tank of compressed air. The system is designed to enable the tanks to recharge during the flight, which in turn will increase the flight range and time.

Compressed - air tanks

Due to the adopted power system of the compressed air engines it is necessary to develop and implement the production process  of tanks of compressed (approximately to 300 atm) air. It is anticipated that in the early stage of the project only cylinders adapted size wise to  the proposed glider will be produced and they will be most likely slightly bigger than the airport (located on the vehicle) refuelling tanks. In the later stage large storage tanks are planned to be produced


1.       Pneumatic engines with the initial name PNEO


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