Join Subcarpathian Aviation Cluster

Join Subcarpathian Aviation Cluster

29 members (non-governmental organizations, enterprises, research units) have joined our cluster so far and all of them can enjoy the benefits of being a part of it and of actively partaking in cluster activities.

If you are a non-governmental organization, an enterprise, a research unit and you wish to become actively involved into development activities in the aviation industry, joining our Cluster will be the best move for you.


Why is it advantageous to join Subcarpathian Aviation Cluster?

If you are still hesitating whether to join us or not, below you will find just a few aspects related to our activities that should be of interest to you.

If you would like to:

  • effectively compete at the regional, national and international levels,
  • strengthen the cooperation between your enterprise and the public institutions that are affiliated with the Cluster,
  • create a common, strong investment development path of your own company and the entire cluster,
  • apply for and obtain external funding,
  • increase productivity and revenue,
  • launch your products and services into a new marketi,
  • acquire new foreign partners for cooperation,
  • promote your business,
  • cooperate with the most active enterprises in the industry,
  • have unlimited access to knowledge and expertise,
  • feel the strength of being a part of the cluster.

you definitely need to get in touch with us!


Stowarzyszenie B4
ul. Zagłoby 7B,
35-304 Rzeszów
Monika Dąbska
tel. (+48) 693 106 049,
Piotr Piątek
tel. (+48)693 596 033,


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